HOLYDIVER 现代高输出双线圈拾音器 试听

The Holydiver is a celebration of the original ’80s hot-rodded humbuckers and offers high output with the mature, earthy voice of an Alnico V powered rock pickup.

The Holydiver humbucker has a progressive, modern tone and wide dynamic range. Fat mids, warm and compact bass and harmonic rich highs work together to provide the perfect answer for progressive players looking for a versatile, powerful humbucker.

From solid, contemporary clean tones, through to aggressive high-gain saturation, the Holydiver is ideal for technically and tonally demanding players.

The wide dynamics and mids of the Holydiver are excellent for adding depth and body to lighter weight, bolt-on neck guitars and extremely well suited to high-gain applications that benefit from a sweeter treble response.

北京太和乐器 是英国Bare Knuckle手工缠绕拾音器 指定代理商

Holydiver – Clean
Holydiver – Hair Metal
Holydiver – Modern metal
Holydiver – Progressive Metal

适应的风格 Applications

Blues Rock, Pop, Garage, Hard Rock, Shred, Fusion, Progressive and Technical Metal, Thrash.

适应的吉他参数 Suitability

Particularly well suited to double cut solid-body/bolt-on neck guitars or brighter guitars that require a fuller tone with sweeter hi-end.

输出规格 Specification

Position: Bridge
DC Resistance: 15.9 kΩ
Magnet: Alnico 5

Position: Neck
DC Resistance: 7.9 kΩ
Magnet: Alnico 5

频率响应 Frequency Response